There are quite literarlly hundreds of project management products on the market - from the enterprise suites costing millions each year to the simple and occassionally free utility apps that can be run on your mobile phone.

The Horizon PPM sets itself apart by:

  • Focus - Focusing on Actionable Intelligence. Every users gets a customised dashboard providing a spotlight on what's important for them highlighting whats urgent and requiring action.
  • Simplicity - The platform provides a balance between consistency and flexibility.
    • Users choose which elements (events, budgets, milestones, etc) of the system they do or don't use for each project.
    • Each project maintains a consistent layout and format- even for portfolios of hundreds of projects the familiar layout makes navigation and use very simple and easy to use.
    • Users do not need to go on extensive training or certification.
    • Projects can be up and running within minutes - without the need for a central PMO specialist to configure the system.
  • Accessability - As a cloud hosted web platform users can access it at any time and from any where using devices they already have.
  • Integration - Being a platform not just a service providing the ability to integrate into existing systems and processes.
  • Simultaneous support for the whole team - the system is designed to cater for all staekholders from the project team in the field to the senior executive accountable for a large portfolio and every other interested party.
  • Next-Generation Technology - Horizon PPM has been designed using the latest technology to leverage advances in Artifical Intelligence and Machine Learning and has already been extended tp provide the world's first project portfolio management platform with a publicly accessible voice-enabled app available on the Amazon Alexa store.