Horizon PPM was originally designed to help Peter Gross (the Founder) with their day job.

Peter has been managing portfolios of projects for many years and was frustrated with the lack of toolset that provided him with the support he needed. Even where the organisations he worked with had made significant investments in corporate systems they just weren't suited to the day to day delivery of the portfolios (sometimes stretching to over 400 concurrent projects). The weekly project reviews often included information that was already stale by a number of days making decisions impossible.

Often left to developing tactical solutions using combinations of SharePoint, Notes, Excel and VBA macros Peter soon realised that the problems he'd encountered were common among friends and colleauges. The same issues were being faced across public sector organisations and even leading FTSE100 corporations. This became the inspiration to build a next-generation platform that was capable of tackling these delivery challenges and could also integrate into existing processes and systems organisations had already invested time and effort into building.

Horizon PPM now provides a standalone system and more importantly a plattform that can be integrated into existing work practices.