Users that have already registered an account complete the form on the sign in page to login into Horizon PPM. If you haven't already got an account and need to create a new one please visit the sign up page.

Sign In Methods 

There are two methods to sign in to the system ...

  1. Enter your chosen username (which is your email address) and your current password.

    There is an option to reset your password if you have forgotten it. [This will result in an email being sent to your registered email address].

  2. Sign in using an account you have registered with one of our trusted partners.

Current partners include: LinkedIn, Facebook, Slack, Google or Twitter. When using this option the partner site (with your approval) will share your existing details with us.

Forgotten Passwords

If you have forgotten your password please visit the reset password page to have reset instructions emailed to your account. If you know longer have access to the original email address please submit a suppport ticket for the team to help you.