Complete the form on the sign up page to create a new account on Horizon PPM. If you already have an account please visit the sign in page.

We have kept the registration process as simple as possible allowing you to get up and running in moments. You can always expand on your details later if needed [See foot note below]. Simply enter your name, email address and password to create the account.

Once registered you will be automatically logged in. At this stage your account is unverified and is in read-only mode. In this mode you can look around the site and review how things work with the example projects we've already added. You need to verify your account to make changes. The system automatically sends you a verification email to the registered email address. Click the link in this email to verify your account. This willl update your account to full read-write mode allowing you to create your own projects and fully participate in projects you've been invited to join.

[Foot note: Your email address is the one thing that can't currently be changed once you've registered. If you need to do this please raise a support ticket and or team will help get it sorted out.].