Does any of this sound familiar... ?

  • Manage your project keeping tabs of RAID items and actions, etc in Excel spreadsheets.
  • Once a week spend a couple of hours copying the key items from this Excel file into a predetermined Powerpoint report template.
  • Save the updated Powerpoint to Sharepoint or a Windows drive.
  • Email a copy to all participants of the weekly review meeting.
  • A couple of days later attend the weekly meeting where the report is reviewed.
  • Read through the report - realising that few or none of the participants have read it in advance even though it was circulated.
  • Provide updates to the now stale report that have happened in the couple of days since it was circulated.
  • Take notes on the new actions - knowing that some probably won't look at these again until the next meeting in another weeks time!

A survey we ran identified that over 96% of Project Managers are managing their projects in this manner - even for those where the organisation has already sunk huge investment in a corporate PPM system to manage things!

Depending on the number of projects they have it can take anywhere between 2 hours and 2 days a week to complete this reporting dance.

We like to think that Horizon PPM provides a solution more applicable in the modern, global and digital work place.